We hope you have a very nice day!

Some time ago our dear friends sent us a wooden box with a very good salmon.

I used the beautiful box for my sewing threads, like you.

The design of the salmon is from Canadian First Nations tribe of Haida Indians. There are lots of things with this design and others, like eagles. All are beautiful.

And I decided to embroider a place setting with this canadian design for you.

I hope it arrives in time! Sincerely I like the result, do you?

(for a little while I couldn´t finish it…)

Again, happy birthday, my dear!

3 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my dear C.

  1. Ficou muito bonito, e tenho a certeza que a C. vai gostar imenso.Continua com as experimentações, pois sai sempre “obra asseada” e original.


  2. I am the very lucky recipient of this most beautifully embroidered tray cloth. I also consider myself very lucky to have such a dear friend. Obligado Meri


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