É meu, muito meu! It’s mine!

e já está em uso, é claro! Muito obrigada, Rita!

Vão, vão lá ver as coisas bonitas que há n’ a loja da mãe!

and already into use! Thanks, Rita!

Go and see the beautiful things in a loja da mãe

2 thoughts on “É meu, muito meu! It’s mine!

  1. Thank you, thank you. Both for your note and for visiting Mr. Google. That looks exactly right – glove stretcher. I guess the next time I wash my gloves (?) I can use those. And, of course, I can mend them, if I need to. They are fun treasures to have. My mother was a collector, so it means that my granddaughter can become the owner of many old things.Good wishes,Marne


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