Saco redondo 14 e 15

Finalmente acabei os dois sacos redondos começados em finais de Fevereiro!
At last I finished the two bags I had begun last February!
O preto e branco vou usar hoje numa festa. O outro é para “a minha sobrinha preferida”*

Today I’ll wear (or use?) the black and white in a party. The other is for “my preferred niece”*
*É uma piada familiar, mas, de certeza, ficarei a saber quais as sobrinhas que visitam o meu blog!
*It’s a private joke, but surely i’ll know which of them read me in this blog!

2 thoughts on “Saco redondo 14 e 15

  1. Another clever crafter! Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog regarding my webshop. Sorry you can’t get to see it, computers are a mystery? How surprised to learn of a reader from Portugal, I always love to hear from different parts of the world. We are visiting the Algarve again in October, can’t wait. x


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