mini porta agulhas/ mini needle book (cont.)

Desde este post, que ando a pensar que os mini porta agulhas são muito lindinhos, mas… e as linhas??


Since this post, I have been wondering about… and the threads??

Fácil: cosi duas folhas do tecido onde se ajusta perfeitamente a placa de plástico. Esta placa tem 4 cores de linha.

Easy: i sewed two sheets and the plastic bobbin just fits in. This bobbin has four colors.

5 thoughts on “mini porta agulhas/ mini needle book (cont.)

  1. What a sweet needle case – perfect for projects on the go!


  2. Very handy to use as a travel pack in case of an emergency! x


  3. Very clever, Meri! A lovely way to keep organized and have your threads handy.


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