6 years old!
We’ve sung on her birthday but we had to put off the party with her cousins and friends. It happened again a little fright. Using my daughter words “gastroenteritis flew at T., ran by I. smoothly and still pulled me down, P. was the only to pull through”.
6 anos!
Cantámos os parabéns ao jantar, mas a festa com primos e amigos teve que ser adiada porque aconteceu outra vez um pequeno susto. Usando as palavras da minha filha “a gastroenterite atacou a T com força, passou pela I mais leve e ainda me deitou abaixo, só escapando o P.”

Rain and cold don’t leave us. The sunshine has gone. But yesterday these roses were picked up and we believe May is here. Time goes on flying…
Have a long great good weekend!

A chuva e o frio não nos deixam. O sol não se vê. Mas ontem apanhámos estas rosas e acreditamos que Maio está aí. O tempo continua a voar…
Aproveitem o fim de semana comprido!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Miss 6! So sorry to hear that she has been sick – hope she enjoys her party!


  2. Happy birthday wishes and happy weekend to you Meri. I hope all signs of illness are beginning to fade. x


  3. Crete4us says – hope little I has recovered from the sickness and she and her parents, grandparents & cousins have enjoyed a late birthday party. XXX


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