Linen embroidered towel #14 / Toalha de linho bordada #14

Toalha de linho, com bainha aberta e bordada.
Linen embroidered towel and drawn threads.

Nunca aqui mostrei o avesso destas toalhas. Só depois de irem para os seus destinos é que reparo que não fiz fotografias. Hoje não me esqueci!
I’ve never shown the back of the embroidery in these towels. Only after they were gone to their owners I remember I had no photos. Today I remeber!
It doesn’t look too bad, I think!

4 thoughts on “Linen embroidered towel #14 / Toalha de linho bordada #14

  1. Oh, Meri, the back of your embroidery is so neat.I've been trying for this for ages…great work!!


  2. It looks absolutely TERRIFIC, Meri!! Very nice – and really pretty monogram!


  3. gorgeous work Meri. I love your little bags too! Hope you are well, x


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