I’m lucky!

I’ve not planned this break. Better saying, I knew I would be off for some days and I had planned some single posts to edit. But things run in a different way.

One of the best things that happened to me those days was being the lucky winner of a Mary Corbet’s giveaway. But even better was to read Mary’s words !

I’ve already been touched with some (not much) virtual friendships (despite my English) but this is a special Friendship surely!

Thanks so much, Mary, for EVERYTHING!

(Later in the week I’ll talk about another gentle friendship… I’m really lucky!)

Addendum: Mary is givingaway the Basic Principles of Schwalm Whitework by Luzine Heppel!!! Go there just now!
(My next post will be an update of my Schwalm Whitework too, I hope!)

Não programei esta pausa. Ou melhor, sabia que iria estar uns dias fora de casa e tinha programado alguns posts para publicar. Mas as coisas correram de outra forma.

Uma das melhores coisas que me aconteceram nestes dias foi ter ganho um sorteio que a Mary Corbet fez. E ainda melhor foi ler as palavras da Mary, quando anunciou quem venceu o sorteio!
Já algumas vezes me tenho comovido com amizades virtuais e, seguramente, esta foi mais uma!

Muito obrigada, Mary, por TUDO!

3 thoughts on “I’m lucky!

  1. Congrats on the give away! And yes blogging can be a great way to make new friends.


  2. Congratulations Meri on the win – well deserved too as I have been enjoying your series on Mary Corbett stitches. Have a great weekend!


  3. Thank you so much, Meri, for YOUR kind words! I'm excited for you to get the package!!


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