A textile/embroidery tour to Portugal

A couple of days ago a nice and attentive reader sent me an e-mail with this link  www.marieyolande.com
The site announces  a textile/embroidery tour to Portugal – “tour will be to Lisbon, Portugal and Madeira Island, June 16 – 26, 2011”. The site has all the information about the tour. Go to Marie Yoland’s website and take a look. It looks great.

I’m only surprised that the tour doesn’t include a visit to Museu do Traje  (Costume Museum) in Lisbon!

Marie Yoland, thank you so much for such nice idea.

 May I give you a suggestion for 2012? A tour to north Portugal to see bobbin laces in Vila do Conde  or Peniche, Guimaraes embroidery, Viana embroidery and  Viana Custome Museum  understanding the deep connection with the jewellery of that region (linking on side bar you can see beautiful pieces). You still can visit Miranda do Douro and find this beautiful textile work. Of course you can’t miss the beautiful and rich  Castelo Branco silk embroidery!

Many other places to visit in Portugal , maybe for a 2013 tour? :)

7 thoughts on “A textile/embroidery tour to Portugal

  1. Que maravilha: um roteiro que nos apresenta as maravilhas do artesanato! É uma fantástica ideia.


  2. Dear Meri,
    Thank you for posting my web site on your blog. I visited the embroidery and lace link you mentioned and had a wonderful virtual journey through the world of amazing needlework, lace and textile. What a treat! Now, I cannot wait to go on site and personally see all this beautiful work. The National Costume Museum in Lisbon is not posted on my web site because I had not received a group visit confirmation from them by the time the web site was completed. However, a visit there will be included in the itinerary on Sat. June 18. In 2012, I will be leading a French lace tour to Paris and Normandy as the lace conferece will be in Caen.
    Have a nice day!


  3. Glad to hear your are visiting Costume Museum in your tour, Marie Yolande!

    In this post is missing a place that it is worth visiting by all who love embroidery. It is Casa do Risco at Airães, Felgueiras.
    As far I could understand you have already been in Portugal so you may know about it. I’ve made no link because everything I’ve found was only in Portuguese. They have lots of beautiful embroideries to show.

    Your next tour sounds good as well!
    Your Baby Layette Pattern is wonderful. I found boutis technique only months ago. It’s lovely.
    Have a nice day as well


  4. Hi Meri, hope you are having a nice summer. It is cold here in Calgary, only 13C today…not summer weather at all. I am slowly getting back to blogging and catching up with everyone.


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