here again!

After five intensive days I want to show the finished work of the second Guimaraes Embroidery workshop.
Depois de cinco dias intensos quero mostrar o trabalho acabado do segundo workshop Bordado de Guimarães.

I had to redo some things. The sides are joined by hand too with a kind of herringbone stitch.
Tive que refazer alguns pormenores. Os lados também são unidos à mão com uma espécie de ponto pé de galo.

7 thoughts on “here again!

  1. Very lovely Meri. Another type of Portuguese embroidery I like very much is from Castelo Branco. I saw few posts on Embrouderie site and replied. Maybe we talk later.


  2. Thank you Monique!
    I’ve read your comments at Hannah’s blog about Castelo Branco embroidery. Thank you so much for the additional information.
    I have to say I would like to see your embroidered colcha and if you need any magazine let me know and I’ll try to get it for you.
    Best regards


  3. Meri, Parabéns… Ficou muito Lindo!!! :)

    Vou lhe enviar um email a pedir umas dicas.

    Beijinhos e vá mostrando os trabalhos.


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