é oficial… / it’s oficial…

… a minha máquina fotográfica  avariou de vez; caiu estrondosamente ao chão (palavra que não foi de propósito!), e passou a fotografar assim:
… my camera has gone; it fell crashing to the ground (you’ve my word it wasn’t on purpose!) and now works like this:

Ontem tinha prometido mostrar mais uma experiência …, mas o melhor que pude arranjar foi isto:
Yesterday I’ve promised showing another test, but this was the best I got:


3 thoughts on “é oficial… / it’s oficial…

  1. Oh Merí! I am so sorry you dropped your camera. The pics are not as bad as you might think. Your work shows beautifully.
    If your camera has a strap, be sure to slide it on your wrist, that way you have control over it and can’t be dropped.


  2. :-|
    Velia Yes my camara has a strap but it fell to the ground from my table…
    Elmsey, we have another one and even better…I only have to learn how to deal with it


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