natural silk vs vegetal fiber | seda natural vs fibra vegetal (5)

Aviso: por favor, sempre que me refiro a seda vegetal leiam fibra vegetal 
Warning: Please whenever I refer to vegetal silk read vegetal fiber

quanto à seda fibra vegetal nada mais encontrei do já referi nos artigos anteriores, nada quanto às marcas portuguesas e muito pouco sobre esta marca Zwicky que recebi como sendo seda vegetal usada nos bordados de Castelo Branco; recebi também uma série de sedas como seda natural, uma delas também Zwicky 
as for the vegetal fiber silk  I found nothing more than I have already written in the previous posts, nothing about the Portuguese labels and very little about this Zwicky label that I received as vegetal silk used in the embroideries of Castelo Branco; I also received a number of silks as natural silk, one of them also Zwicky

pesquisei e a marca Zwicky tem uma longa e interessante história, que achei valer a pena ler e partilhar, embora escrita em inglês ou alemão – a marca surgiu em 1840, em Zurique,após vários acontecimentos em 1982 ainda pertencia à sexta geração Zwicky e em 2001 junta-se à Gütermann ainda com um Peter Zwicky, que segundo esta notícia  se reforma aos 62 anos, após 16 anos como responsável da Gütermann, (2 anos depois desta notícia de 2014 , poderemos especular que devido a esta nova fase da empresa?)
I searched for Zwicky brand has a long and interesting history, which I found newsworthy to read and share, although written in English or German –  the brand appeared in 1840 in Zurich, after several events in 1982 still belonged to the sixth generation Zwicky and in 2001 joined Gütermann still with a Peter Zwicky, who according to this news retires at age 62, after 16 years as CEO of Gütermann, (2 years after this 2014 news, can we speculate that due to this new phase of the company?)
[all links can be read in English and Deutsche]
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4 thoughts on “natural silk vs vegetal fiber | seda natural vs fibra vegetal (5)

  1. Hello
    Thank you for mentioning Zwicky and also myself. If you want to know anything on silk, about what happened to Zwicky during the last years or more about me, just contact me by e-Mail.
    With kind regards
    Peter Zwicky … the one you have written about

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    • Mr. Peter Zwicky
      I’m flattered by your comment and I’m sure I’ll enjoy learning more about Zwicky silks. Thank you very much for your availability and I will be in touch soon.
      Grateful for your time kind regards
      Méri Almeida…a curious lover of stories about silks threads and embroideries (among a thousand other things)

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